Mobile projects


A feature packed widget for Android which allows you to watch and like instagram photos directly from your home screen.
Some of the internal features include a full service backed widget provider which delegates work from local storage and network for displaying images and data in the widgets, and a custom framework to make the widgets theme-able.
GramWidget is something i did for fun and challenge during my free time, and is a 100% free Android application on the Google Play store.
In it’s first month, the widget grabbed a fair amount of attention from mobile sites and went into the 7k downlods range in just 3 weeks (without any use of publications/ads). after 4 months in the play store the widget has 35k downloads and an average rating of 4.1

Android app on Google Play


WidPic (available for android and iOS) is another project i did for fun and challenge after the success of GramWidget. The iOS version uses skia (The Android/Chrome graphics back end/engine) as a rendering engine.
WidPic can create cool customized masks for images (for example an heart or a star) and render these for facebook upload or for saving in the local device gallery.
The major change from other mask based apps is that WidPic can also render user supplied text using variety of fonts as an image mask.
Like GramWidget, WidPic for android also includes a widget componet which can use the local device, instagram or facebook as a photo source, WidPic can also apply mask in real time while displaying said photos on the home or lock screen widgets.

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